Front Container NANO


Light, convenient, safe – New front-container
High safety, cool looking design and practical functionality

For those who are looking for an especially compact and simple solution, the special container for PROTECT NANO may be the first choice. The weight of the small rescue is optimized due to the innovative fabric Paratex RS 40 and on the basis of the low measurements the container is feathery. The outcome of this is a perfect solution.

Valittavana neljä variaatiota: NANO, Protect L-XL ja Cockpit.

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Despite of the small measurements the NANO reaches very low sinking rates, so that it also carries users in the classical M-weight area safely. The pilots have the choice with the PROTECT III RIS L and XL: There are specially adjusted custom-built front containers, which shine with low weight for the total weight-system. There are also conductions with cockpit-function for both rescues available. The pocket attached on the rescue container provides space for VARIO and GPS and some other implements like cell phone,Blackberry, wallet and so on. The pocket is well padded and has a perforated sheet-protector which is processed with a zipper into the coping.

That way the coping can bei opened while flying in order to control Vario and GPS through the sheet-protector. On the ground the coping protects your valuables from curious eyes.



Cockpit, NANO, L, XL