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Tätä on odotettu!  PHI FANTASIA EN-A olisi nyt kaikkien saatavana.
Loistava siipi ensimmäiseksi siiveksi! + PHI on todella arvostettu brändi joten on kiva lentää ensimäisiä ulkomaan reissujakin PHIllä. Kouluttaville kerhoille tässä myös oiva työväline. Värejä löytyy joka makuun.


FANTASIA is our gift to you and to our sport!

25 years after Mike and I developed the legendary NOVA PHILOU, the FANTASIA again has what it takes to be an all time favorite!

FANTASIA is optimized in many aspects: safety, compensation around all axis, simplicity, durability and also production efficiency.

Apart from the extraordinary security and the extreme simplicity of the FANTASIA, it has some special technical features for this class, like the only 3 suspension levels over most of the span. We have also banished any Dyneema lines (as well from the brakes) in order to achieve better trim stability. Due to the spartan structure, the FANTASIA is very light even in the robust 30D / 20D mix.
Performance doesn’t really matter in this ultralow class, but we found that we ”can’t get rid of the performance, typical of our designs.” Due to the profile used and the very clean finish (zig zag 3D shaping), this simple wing still performs very well. FANTASIA rises extremely efficiently in thermals. It also glides remarkably well against the wind (the very stable profile used does not bank up).

Production is already busy: in a few days, the first major delivery will arrive. The feedback on the pre-series is very good, the interest is huge. We’re sending the first demos out these days. We look forward to receiving your feedback! During the development, we listened very carefully which wing is needed for safe and relaxed schooling. But FANTASIA may also inspire some old hands, as we had a lot of fun with it recently in Tenerife or Monaco!