SYRIDE ENCO 2 pienempi ja 3 isompi MALLI


SYRIDE suosittu NAV XL malliin yhdistyvä aurinkolasi jossa näet linssin sisällä nosteen nopeuden/korkeuden sekä maanopeuden. Laseja on on kahta kokoa 2 M ja 3 L.

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Ideal for paralidingENGO© smart glasses display flight data in real time, where you need it the most.
Connected to your Sys’Nav XL thanks to the Syride app, enjoy instant and intuitive access to real-time data right in your field of view.The brightest and most powerful H.U.D (head-up display) ever created gives you a second screen to complement the information displayed on your instrument.3 models are available : Engo 1 with a photochromic lens and Engo 2 in regular and large cat.3 lens size :