Classic SQR 140kg

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Advancen laadukkaat pelastusvarjot Companion merkin alta. Taattua laatua pelastautumiseen Varjoliitokaupasta.

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The Companion SQR was the first reserve to feature innovative Square Round technology. It founded a new generation of reserve parachutes. Its futuristic technology combines the advantages of the classic round canopy with those of the cross version, in a novel and original way. The SQR was developed from scratch, specifically with the needs of both pilots and parachute packers in mind. Its very wide range of applications makes it the universal reserve par excellence: it suits beginners and leisure pilots as well as those who enjoy paramotoring. It is also equally suitable for hang-glider pilots when used with a rotating link.

SQR Classic 100 SQR Classic 120 SQR Classic 140 SQR Classic 230
Area 25.4 m2 32.4 m2 37.8 m2 62.6 m2
Minimum load 65 kg 80 kg 90 kg 150 kg
Max. TOW 100 kg 120 kg 140 kg 230 kg
Sink rate at Max. TOW 5.4 m/s 5.4 m/s 5.4 m/s 4.9 m/s
Weight reserve with inner container 1258 g 1534 g 1707 g 2543 g
Weight reserve 1219 g 1495 g 1667 g 2499 g
Packing volume 3.0 – 5.2 l 3.5 – 5.6 l 3.7 – 5.9 l 6.0 – 9.4 l
Total length 6760 mm 7550 mm 8260 mm 10850 mm
Certified for Hanggliders Yes Yes Yes

Square RoundCumulative advantages of round canopy and cross canopy thanks to Square Round Technology

Air JetsExcellent pendulum stability thanks to aerodynamically optimised canopy with Air Jets at the corners

Easy to packEfficient, reliable method, like a round canopy

SQR reserve