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PHI MAESTRO 2 on käsittämätön taidon näyte Hannekselta että aina voi luoda uutta XC skeneen.

Ensimmäinen EN-B jossa on C raisereissa hiilikuitu-ohjaimet jotka tuovat lähes 2-linjaisen liitimen lentotunteen. 76 tunnelia jatkavat tätä käsittämätön hienoa tuntumaa. Varjoliitokauppa suosittelee lämpimästi tätä liidintä!

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The MAESTRO 2 defines a new benchmark in high B. The MAESTRO 2 light is offering the same performance and flying dynamics in light weight design.
With 76 cells, additonal miniribs and some new technologies, the MAESTRO 2 shows an unprecedented shape and surface. We used our very advanced light weight engineering to achieve a very low weight even with this high cell count and complexity.



After plenty of simulated drafts and real prototypes, we came up with a concept of high complexity to reach an unmatched clean surface and a very high form stability.
The increased high cell number (76 cells over 60 of the predecessor) in combination with the optimized 3D shaping, the new form stable rods and the additional miniribs in the leading edge are offering a clear reduction of wrinkles in the critical high airspeed / lift section of the wing.
The result is not only better performance at all speeds. The airstream is more stable attached: the maximum lift is higher, the flyable angle of attack bigger: the low speed flying excellent, the handling more forgiving (longer brake travels), and as a result of that the thermalling abilities on a new level.
We kept on optimizing and finally reached new levels of the famous safety / performance ratio. During the process of optimization we proved every design element for its need: we eliminated some trailing edge miniribs, the bottom sail rods and some rods in the wingtips. So finally the MAESTRO 2 is just a little heavier than it’s predecessor and still reasonable in price. The reduction of rods is offering an easy small packing. The MAESTRO 2 has rods only where they are really needed.

It was essential for us to reach the same clean surface with the light version. Material selection, orientation and dimension was proven in several prototypes to ensure good form stability and durability. So finally the MAESTRO 2 light shows the same performance and flying behaviour as the normal version. With an even more dynamic handling caused by the lower canopy weight.