U-Turn Emotion 4

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The EMOTION 3 is setting new standards in the field of safety and performance. There was never made such a huge effort before, to reach a new developing level. The test and construction workings on the new high-end A-wing lasted for more than a year. Many studies and prototypes were created and discarded and optimized through countless test flights.

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The Emotion line is synonymous with the safety of the latest generation, the EMOTION 4 carries out the symbiosis of sporty handling and absolute good-naturedness into the future. Already the EMOTION 3 has impressively demonstrated that safety can be well combined with agile handling, which means that the wing promises safe moments of happiness long after the training has ended. We wanted to stick to that and at the same time question everything constructively in order to raise the A-class reference to a new level. After more than three years of development work, the fourth generation of the EMOTION is now opening up a new era. Faster, lighter, safer and the most important value by which we measure the Emotion: the safe pilot‘s smile after landing.

The EMOTION 4 breaks a lance for the A-class. Its sporty handling and strong performance let the class fall completely into oblivion. Rather, it stands for the pleasure of relaxed flying with uncompromising safety. We consider this to be the essence of flying to experience moments of the present and feel pure joy
in the air. The increasingly extreme weather conditions in particular speak for the high safety potential, even for ambitious pilots. Nevertheless, the performance profile of the modern wing is impressive. The EMOTION 4 really bites into thermals and facilitates centering without a tendency to fall out thanks to higher roll damping. The wing gives gentle but precise feedback via the risers. Very good climbing and gliding properties make the wing the perfect companion on cross-country flights.

The EMOTION 4 is combining sportive features with very high tolerance. Especially in turbulent air it is not easy to ruffle the wing – is a pressure compensation necessary anyway, the reactions turn out very moderate and damped. The high stability is supporting the outraging glide features and the rise performance of the EMOTION 4. Even in weak thermal the wing is rising very efficiently and is dynamically turned into curves, this is especially positively notable when centering in the thermal.

The EMOTION 4 is the perfect beginner‘s wing that promises a safe fun factor, even long after school. The wing is aimed at all pilots who are looking for a high-end A-class glider of the latest generation.

The Emotion line stands for the highest values. Chief designer Ernst Strobl allowed himself more than three years for the further development – in order to completely raise the reference to a new level. How do you create safety-related added value by being willing to rethink everything? A suggested sharknose now gives the high-end A-wing its smoothness. Ultra-thin Nitinol reinforcements on the leading edge keep the profile shape under tension even on the ground. The super-elastic nickel-titanium alloy allows strong deformations and quickly returns to its original shape thanks to the memory effect. In combination with a significantly lower canopy weight, this ensures very good launch characteristics. Additionally, 3D shaping (3DS) ensures optimized profile tension in the nose area. Miniribs on the trailing edge and the brake gathering system (BGS) ensure sporty handling characteristics.The High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) optimizes the cross-ventilation of the crossports and creates balanced internal pressure of the good-natured wing. The line setup was modified and compared to the previous model the lines could be shortened by 20%. Color-differentiated coated PPSLS lines of the latest generation are used. Even with the riser set, everything was done to ensure a clear and elegant look. The Pilot Assistant (PAS) pictograms provide orientation. The newly developed U-Turn neoprene comfort handles can be infinitely adjusted in size. By removing the flexible reinforcement, they can be converted into pure soft handles.



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