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The Karma II was designed to respond to remarks concerning the Karma, namely that the weight and bulk were too high.

The Karma II meets these demands without sacrificing safety, quite the contrary. The simple solution to reduce the volume in the bag is to switch to an airbag style back protector. Unfortunately, airbags are not effective during takeoff. The Karma II is therefore equipped with a permanent airbag, the Krashbox.
The Krashbox incorporates a foam module which gives the protector its shape and volume ensuring the effectiveness of the airbag right out of the bag. In fact the Karma II has been LTF certified even without pre-inflation!
Great efforts have been made, using new materials such as Dyneema straps, to reduce the weight without affecting strength.
But we also went beyond the requirements of the certification standards by maintaining a constant thickness of the airbag in the back, allowing it to pass the same certification in the case of a flat-back impact, being inflated in this case by the side air intake scoop.

Particular attention was paid to the ergonomic aspect of the design in order to achieve perfect contact with the back whilst avoiding too much rigidity in the structure. The result is a harness with a very high level of comfort that perfectly follows the pilot’s movements but which also remains lightweight.
It uses the well known two point “V” clip in architecture used on the Karma and Kamasutra II, which acts as a built-in non-forgettable security system and also incorporates high amplitude roll damping which is adjustable in flight. But we have further improved the system by making it more progressive. The result is greater comfort and precision in turns.


Two times more compact than the Karma I.
All adjustments are accessible and adjustable in flight.
Roll damping independent of chest strap setting and adjustable in flight.
Independent pocket for the bag and a radio in the back pocket.
Two external side pockets.
Direct access from the back pocket to the shoulder for a drinks delivery tube and/or radio microphone cable.
Lateral air intake scoop retractable to avoid damage during transport.


« Securit » parachute handle: compensates to a certain extent an incorrect placement of the reserve parachute.
Parachute positioned under the thighs, handle on the right but deployment by the left hand possible if necessary.
Krashbox 29cm LTF certified even without pre-inflation.
Upper airbag effective even in the case of a flat-back impact.

Installation and Adjustment

Reserve parachute installation and adjustment: see technical support


5 sizes are available:

  • Less than 162cm, size XS
  • from 162cm to 171cm, size S
  • from 170cm to 185cm, size M
  • from 184cm to 195cm, size L
  • more than 195cm, size XL

Harness weights

Harness weights (kg) XS S M L XL
Harness only 2.92 3.02 3.12 3.42 3.53
Krashbox foam 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4
Carbon seat plate 0.23 0.24 0.25 0.28 0.3
Quick links 0.08 0.08 0.08 0.08 0.08
Speed bar 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05 0.05
Total weight carbon seat plate 3.68 3.70 3.9 4.05 4.20

For use as a mountain harness it is possible to remove the foam structure and reduce the weight by a further 400g. The harness will thus behave like a classic airbag harness, the back protector being effective only after take off.
Don’t forget to reinstall the Krashbox for normal use!


The Karma II is delivered with:

  • 2 step speed bar
  • Reserve parachute handle
  • Integrated reserve parachute risers
  • Carbon seat plate
  • Stainless steel quick links


  • Foot stirrup: Adjustable in flight, helps improve turn efficiency.
  • Kockpit instrument holder.


EN 1651 & LTF