Keeper FG+


Innovative design with special nozzle syste, that prevents oscillation of round shaped canopy while leaving the simplicity of packing and handling. The design is certified with EN 1249 : 2001 and has very small sink rate at 5.1 m/s. With new certifying system we achieved a good weight / material ratio at 1655g for size M.

This is your best and safest rescue solution.

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Size FG 31 FG 35 FG 39
Surface 31 m2 35 m2 39 m2
Weight 1480g 1655g 1880g
Max take-off weight 90 kg 110 kg 130 kg
Sink rate 5,1m/s 5,1m/s 5,1m/s
Certificate EN 12491:2001 In Progress Yes
Certificate Number EP 116.2014 EP 111.2014
Cells 16 18 20




FG 31, FG 35, FG 39