777 KNIGHT 2

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Triple Sevenin low EN-B. Tämä liidin sopii juuri kurssiltakin valmistuneelle pilotille. KNIGHT 2 raisereissa on B/C ohjaus. Liidin on hyvin huoliteltu ja värimaailma todella kaunista 777 tyyliä.

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Total confidence

In the EN B class, everything comes down to confidence – improved skills only happen when you have complete confidence in your wing. We built the new Knight 2 around this simple premise, and we’re confident that you’ll understand what we mean as soon as you take to the skies on one. Or, you’ll probably start to feel it even earlier, because the launch phase is obviously no less important to ensure that you’re as relaxed, as confident as you can possible be once you’re airborne. The Knight 2 inspires confidence from the moment you unpack it, and carries that sensation with it into the skies, so you may concentrate on expanding your skillset and your knowledge of the skies. To put it as bluntly as we can, we wanted to take the insecurities out of the equation for up-and-coming pilots, and we believe we have succeeded.