EN-C CrossAlps


High performance and powerful extras for XC paragliding

We at SKYMAN have put all our heart and soul into the development of CrossAlps. Markus Gründhammer and Toma Coconea both contributed significantly to its design and realisation. This can be seen in quite some inventive details as well as in its quality and performance.

CrossAlps has special line loops, that reduce the air drag and special flares to evenly distribute load on the canopy. Precise stability tapes evenly distribute tension, thus grant high gliding performance and stability. CrossAlps can optionally be equipped with very light, aerodynamic Dyneema risers.

XC pilots who go paragliding in rough terrain, will not want to fly without these extras anymore.


Värivaihtoehdot: Valkoinen, punainen, vihreä ja sininen


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  1. SKYMAN lightweight design with D10 fabric
  2. Low air drag due to smart lines concept with 3 levels
  3. Ceramic rings in speed system and brake deflection
  4. Mini-ribs for enhanced shape constancy and thermal handling
  5. Launch aid for perfect take-offs at icy conditions and tailwind
  6. Perfect performance, easy to achieve


CrossAlps – Tekniset tiedot

Size S-24,5 M-26,5 L-28,5
Cells 67 67 67
flat surface area m² 24,5 26,5 28,5
flat span m 12,52 13,02 13,5
flat aspect ratio 6,4 6,4 6,4
projected surface area m² 20,32 21,98 23,64
projected span m 9,42 9,8 10,16
projected aspect ratio 4,37 4,37 4,37
line length cm 752 782 811
total line length m 257 269 281
weight kg 3,80 4,0 4,2
take-off weight kg 70-90 80-105 95-120
certification EN/LTF C EN/LTF C EN/LTF C



S, M, L


Valkoinen, Punainen, Vihreä, Sininen