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Vivo 2 – #sunnysoul

Alice was heading to the take-off. She knew the pathway like the back of her hand.

Conditions didn’t look that ideal, the sky was a bit grey, and the wind was very light or cross. Was the streak of bad luck still on? This morning, the cat had woken her up by sitting on her face, her toasts had burned, and Alice had walked in her socks on the wet bathroom floor…what a bad start to the day!

And yet jackdaws cartwheeling above the cliffs were telling another story. And she had her new wing on her back, the Vivo 2! After several sessions of ground-handling that felt so joyful, today, she was eager to fly.

This mid-B glider was a blast. Trouble-free untangling. Pretty colors. Easy take-off. Off we go!

The valley was now in the sun and she glided towards a cliff whose wall shone. Alice started to soar the ridge, drawing figures of eight. The softness of the effort on the brakes and the good communication of the wing allowed her to easily optimize the climb. “Now with my height I can close a 360”. Quiet beeps as she tiptoed around each circle as smoothly as possible.

The rays of the sun caressed her face which lit up with a smile. Her chaotic start of the day was totally behind her. She took the direction of the LZ, pushed the speed-bar, and then made some wingovers. Alice forgot about the cat’s claws, the burnt toasts and the wet socks.

“Thank you Vivo” she whispered then she began to sing “Oh, it’s such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you…”

Vivo 2, enjoy every second.

  • Beginner60%60%
  • Intermediate100%100%
  • Advanced80%80%
  • Expert40%40%
  • Cross Country80%80%
  • Hike and Fly60%60%
  • Expedition40%40%
  • Cross Country Competition40%40%
  • Hike & Fly Competition40%40%

How to describe the Vivo 2…

…in one 2 words?
Full potential

…in one image?
Following the course of the sun to fly some distance

…in one dream?
A summer trip exploring new areas in full confidence, the Vivo 2 is perfect for it!

Designer’s words…

“For every AD wing, we use a claim and a hashtag. For the Vivo 2, we chose Enjoy every second and the #sunnysoul. Indeed, its happy pilot will feel safe and blessed. The Vivo 2 combines easy take-off, performance, speed, handling, agility and forgiveness like no other wing. The entry EN-B category is the path for flying stress-free and relaxed.”

Stephan Stiegler

Did you know?

Construction & Features

Duralight construction: mixing light and durable materials combined with a construction that saves weight. The result is a durable and light glider.

The 12mm Aramid Risers with BC-control – 100% working – full control at speed!

New outline with optimized surface distribution benefitting climbing and handling.

Technical Specifications & Colors

The Vivo 2 is the perfect EN-B glider to progress, feeling confident and safe. Forget about the difficult mornings, the Vivo 2 will reveal your sunny soul!

Take Off Weight is considered as the flight-mass (including Pilot, Glider, Harness, Reserve, Gear…)
*50-65kg is the standard all-up-weight, 65-72kg is an extended all-up-weight.