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XI – Allround Tourer

As a light and compact Performance-Intermediate from 3.4 kg the XI satisfies the most diverse pilots’ needs; and does it in style. Whether near or far, difficult flying or exciting adventure. The new light high-end B goes with you for bivouac flying, Hike & XC-fly tours, traveling or discovering new routes in remote regions. XI – realise your story.

What does the XI require of its pilot?

The lightweight Performance-Intermediate is suitable for experienced thermal pilots who have, at least, made their first cross country flights and have the necessary feeling for a High-EN/LTF-B wing. Only those who have acquired an active flying style, can recognise the onset of canopy disturbances and know how to react accordingly, will be able to fully make the most of the XI’s impressive performance. Mastery of the usual fast descent techniques for a High-EN/LTF-B paraglider is assumed.

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