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AIRDESIGN teki sen mistä muut valmistajat vain haaveili. Ensimmäinen C-luokan 2-linjainen. Sensaatiomaista suorituskykyä sporttiluokkaan!

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Volt 5 – #speedmachine

The Volt 5 is the fifth of its name and… How shall we put it? Well, it is the second generation of the first EN-C two-liner. Put another way, it’s the first EN-C two-liner to get a second generation. Or, in other words it’s now the fifth generation of Volt but the second generation of two-liner. Or…

Anyway! Always a step ahead. Get into high gear with the Volt 5. A true EN-C 2-liner.
Volt 5 – Electrifying performance

  • Beginner0%0%
  • Intermediate20%20%
  • Advanced80%80%
  • Expert100%100%
  • Cross Country100%100%
  • Hike & Fly100%100%
  • Expedition100%100%
  • Cross Country Competition100%100%
  • Hike & Fly Competition100%100%

Designer’s words…

Agile, smooth on the brakes and fast, here comes the Volt 5! Its predecessor revolutionized the world of EN-Cs by introducing the two-line construction in this category. The new Volt 5 continues to be at the forefront with, in particular, improved performance at top-end-speed. No more time for talking, grab your #speedmachine and get yourself electrified!

Stephan Stiegler

What’s new?

Construction & Features


New nose guard patches on the leading edge: robustness is the key!


Delivered with 12mm aramid risers as standard. Superlight Dyneema risers available as an option (-110g)


Double-coated Dominico DOKDO-10DSF for top and bottom surfaces: durable Superlight construction


Full chord Nitinol rods to not only save weight and increase robustness, but also to ensure compact folding


Highly innovative inner construction to ensure longevity of performance. Our gliders are built to last, performance included.

What doesn’t change?

Technical Specifications

The Volt 5? A true EN-C 2-liner for kilometer hunters, hike-and-fly athletes and every pilot looking for a high-performance but accessible 2-liner while keeping a light kit. ‘Cause “nobody likes to walk with a heavy rucksack”. Just go for it!


Area flat (m²) 19,97 21,40 22,85 24,59 26,33 28,07
Area projected (m²) 17,09 18,33 19,56 21,05 22,54 24,03
Span flat (m) 11,35 11,75 12,14 12,59 13,03 13,56
Span projected (m) 9,22 9,55 9,86 10,23 10,59 10,93
Aspect ratio flat 6,45 6,45 6,45 6,45 6,45 6,45
Aspect ratio projected 4,97 4,97 4,97 4,97 4,97 4,97
Chord length (m) 2,22 2,30 2,38 2,47 2,55 2,63
Cells 57 57 57 57 57 57
Weight (kg)
13mm risers
3,39 3,64 3,72 3,83 4,10 4,37
Weight (kg)
SL risers
3,28 3,53 3,61 3,72 3,99 4,26
Take off weight (kg) 60-73 68-82 78-92 88-103 99-115 110-128
EN category C C C C C C

Take Off Weight is considered as the flight-mass (including Pilot, Glider, Harness, Gear…)

AirDesign has a small one

We work hard on every model to be able to maintain the behavior of the glider in terms of flying, and also outside the flight envelope, for all the certified weights, starting by the smallest ones. The certification of most of our wings starts at 50 kg because we chose to announce only what we have actually tested. And above all, because we make sure that the glider is efficient, secure and fun at this load and this is as important as the certification itself! Our aim is to have light pilots find the same pleasure to fly as heavier ones. More info


Special Colours desired?

Of Course, you can also customize this glider with the help of our configurator and order it in special colors!

The color combinations made on this simulator do not take into account the effects of transparency.
They are only indicative and allow you to give the information of choice of color to your dealer.
To better visualize the effects of transparency, do not hesitate to visit the various product pages of the site.