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LiVi #lightwithpersonality

Lois pulled back her hair and readjusted her headphones. Billie Eilish was whispering in her ears “I’m the bad guy”.

She waited for the end of the song then began to read aloud:

“Its name was LiVi. It could’ve been Livy, and the idea of sounding like Poison Ivy, the beautiful but poisonous Batman’s foe, was tempting. But they had chosen LiVi for Light Vivo. Of course. It was the light version of the latter, not its dark side. Oh wait, that was tempting too”. Lois interrupted herself.

Being the bad guy, the big bad wolf, the villain. “Break your own rules” they said. For sure, she could’ve listed its numerous qualities: exemplary take-off, great feeling in thermal, and excellent glide ratio.

But the LiVi was more than the sum of its attributes. It’s got personality. By the way, Lois wondered: “why do people always remember the bad guys in the movies?” The LiVi definitively should be the one to be remembered. So, its pilot had better live extraordinary adventures with it, because it is the kind of glider that totally deserves it! To live the high life. Absorbing the first rays of the sun, exploring wild lands, and admiring sunsets.

Living fully. That’s what this fantastic wing, both lightweight and compact, was meant for.

Finally, having discovered that Livy was also the name of a historian of ancient Rome, Lois was happy that they had named it LiVi instead. With its own name, this mid-B glider will be the one to remember.

LiVi – The one and only


  • Beginner60%60%
  • Intermediate100%100%
  • Advanced80%80%
  • Expert40%40%
  • Cross Country80%80%
  • Hike and Fly100%100%
  • Expedition80%80%
  • Cross Country Competition40%40%
  • Hike & Fly Competition60%60%


How to describe the LiVi…

…in one word?

…in one image?
A pilot, standing hands on hips, looking at the valley like a superhero watching over his city, after reaching a takeoff accessible only on foot.

…in one dream?
Your first bivouac flight, right behind the house! an adventure in which you are the hero!

Designer’s words…

“For every AD wing, we use a claim and a hashtag. For the LiVi, we chose The one and only and #lightwithpersonality. The LiVi is not only a Light Vivo 2. It is also a brand-new glider in our range. Of course, it is based on the Vivo 2 as we love its behavior but the LiVi will now meet the massive pilots’ demand for a light glider in the EN-B category.”

Stephan Stiegler

Did you know?

Construction & Features

– New nose guard patches on the leading edge: robustness is the key!

– Use of Nitinol rods to save weight and ensure compact folding.

– Dominico 10DSF for top and bottom surface.

– Thinner, all unsheathed but colored lines (Aramid, Edelrid 8001U).

– Saving 800 to 1000g over the already semi-light Vivo 2 and even smaller pack size.

– On the leading edge, ground attachment loops help to prevent the paraglider from slipping on a steep and/or slippery slope (snow).

Technical Specifications & Colors

So, are you more Batman or Robin? The Joker or the Penguin? Never mind, with the LiVi you’ve got the right EN-B glider to express your own personality and make your own way. Just go for it!


Take Off Weight is considered as the flight-mass (including Pilot, Glider, Harness, Gear…)
*50-65kg is the standard all-up-weight, 65-72kg is an extended all-up-weight.