AD Le Slip kevyt valjaat ”kalsarit”

350.00 330.00

Karkea suomennus = kalsarit eli kevyt valjaat. AD on luonut markkinoiden keveimmät Hike&Fly valjaat.

Lisäksi Le SLIPeihin on saatavilla airbag 125€  ja speedi 25€



Le Slip – #neverchangeyourslip

“What did I say that was so funny?”
My girlfriend couldn’t stop laughing. She asked me with her beautiful French accent: “Do you know what Slip means in French?”
“Nope” I said. “Well it’s a type of underwear my dear so when you said that you would never change your Slip… you basically said you would never change your underwear!” I could see her smile growing again.

“Hey I’m not talking about some nondescript underwear here, I’m talking about the Slip, or should I say Le SLIP, a must have to feel naked in the air and on earth”.
We had just reached our improvised takeoff and I offered her to try it. She looked at the minuscule harness and put it on. Once ready to leave the ground, she looked at me suddenly less fierce and asked: “Olala this is so light, a touch of nothing.” Few minutes later we landed next to the car, a big smile was eating her face and she said: “oh Hell yeah I would never change that Slip!”

How to describe Le Slip with…

…one word?
Indispensable…one image?
The look of your friends when you take it out of its pouch on the take-off.…one dream?
A midnight flight with just Le Slip on!

Designer’s words

Le Slip is the first harness developed by AD! We created the perfect harness for every pilot who wants to lighten his/her backpack with the same spirit that we put in our wings: light, secure and fun. Built in durable materials, Le Slip makes you feel at ease for hours of flying and ground- handling.

Le Slip is delivered with the all new Edelrid Ease Superlight Carabiners, only 22g each.