777 R-Light 3

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Take your XC adventures off the beaten track

The R-light 3 is our lightweight version of the legendary Rook model series. Built just like the Rook 3 but using light materials and technology, it is a wing that is made for aerial adventure. It is the perfect tool for combining high-level XC paragliding with serious hiking – in the air, this wing will go everywhere a normal Rook 3 goes, and on the ground, it will go at least one place where the standard Rook doesn’t go – into a small backpack!

Because our emphasis with this wing is a full-on mountain and XC flying, we decided to equip it with standard risers. With this little touch, we have ensured that the wing will feel every bit like a standard Rook 3, except it may be even easier to launch due to the lower canopy weight, and it will be notably easier on your back while packed.


“Where we live is a para-alpinist’s wet dream; we can look out the window in the morning, start hiking at 9 AM, and be ready to launch somewhere exciting before noon. My brother and I really enjoy combining work, exercise and play in this manner – we’ve been doing it for years, and we often do it several times a week. This means we have a very good understanding of what it takes for wings from every class to excel; some hike& fly wings are mainly for quick up-and-down dashes, some are XC machines which are also a pleasure to carry, and most are somewhere in between. The Triple Seven lightweight glider range encompasses all of these categories, with the R-light firmly towards the XC side of the spectre. It has plenty enough performance to take you “anywhere” without overwhelming your senses along the way, and it’s such a pleasure to pack and carry we think you’ll be just about ready to set off on foot again moments after you have touched down.”

Urban Valic, R-light 3 designer


The ideal R-light 3 pilot is comfortable on performance EN B wings, comfortable with their speed bar, and either already comfortable on unfamiliar launches and in unfamiliar terrain, or working on getting there. They’re most likely already moving into hike& fly adventures, or at least planning to, and they appreciate the added versatility of the lower weight and reduced volume of such a wing as the R-light 3. They have a decent understanding of dynamic manoeuvres, not least the wingover, and cope well with turbulence when they encounter it during thermal flights. For such a pilot the R-light will be like frosting on a cake; you’d most likely be enjoying the experience even if it wasn’t there, but it does take the whole endeavour to a whole new level 😉

r-light 3 lightweight paraglider


Number of cells 61 61 61 61 61
Projected area (m2) 18.0 20.2 21.4 22.4 24.1
Flat area (m2) 21.3 23.8 25.3 26.5 28.5
Projected span (m) 8.6 9.1 9.4 9.6 10
Flat span (m) 10.9 11.5 11.9 12.1 12.6
Projected Aspect Ratio 4.1 4.1 4.1 4.1 4.1
Flat aspect ratio 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6 5.6
Glider weight (kg) 3.31 3.57 3.75 4.02 4.20
In-flight weight range (kg) 60-75 70-85 80-95 90-105 105-119
Certification LTF/EN B B B B B*


Leading edge Dominico 30
Upper surface Skytex 27 Classic II (Double coated)
Bottom surface Skytex 27 Classic II (Double coated)
Profiles Skytex Porcher 27 Hard
Diagonals Skytex Porcher 27 Hard
Mini ribs Skytex Porcher 27 Hard
Suspension and main lines PPSLS Liros, Edelrid A-8000-U
Fabric 13 mm Kevlar reinforced Nylon webbing
Pulleys Harken P18mm ball bearing pulley