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Soar – #cloudhopper

“Nobody likes to walk with a heavy rucksack” Martin said “Absolutely nobody”. We were preparing our next expedition and I couldn’t agree more while packing my wonderful Soar. So excited about this new biv-flying adventure. It’s all about your own rules, making your own decisions. Where. When. How. Would you go for a full autonomy? Would you use only your feet and wing? Oh and obviously you can change your mind. That’s what I thought when I got on a train, to cross a tricky valley that barred our way.

“Nobody likes to walk with a heavy rucksack!”

Soar – Rising Superlight

The train was crowded with people and poultry and we had to split our stuff. I kept my wing with me and while the chickens were staring at this funny hand luggage, I thought about the choice of the Soar. Martin was a mentor for me. He said you need a wing you feel comfortable with. It has to be light and compact. It must be informative for the early morning thermals and performant to push to get through a mountain pass. Well he had just painted the portrait of the Soar.
When you find yourself doing a bivouac adventure with such a toy, you get the privilege of starting the day early, in the first rays of sun while the valley floor is still in the shade; the satisfaction of finding a nice place to sleep after an epic flight. “That should be illegal” my friend exclaimed “…That’s what I call a hold-up” I replied.Soar. Break your own rules

… in one word?


… in one image?
A bivouac at sunset with lots of opportunities for the next day!

… in one dream?
An insane biv-flying adventure from Patagonia to Alaska

Designer’s words…

“For every AD wing, we use a claim and a hashtag. For the Soar,  we chose Rising Superlight and the #cloudhopper. The Soar is the light version from the Rise4. The latter is already not heavy at all, but we thought let’s see how light we can make it…! Well, we managed to get an even lighter glider that still offers excellent longevity”.

Stephan Stiegler


Did you know…?

Construction & Features

We used our experience in building light gliders -such as the HERO- to create the Soar, the light version of the Rise4. Cloth on top and bottom and ribs are all made in double coated skytex27 (classic II).

The lines are unsheathed (Aramid, Edelrid 8000U), risers are made with a 3,7mm dyneema rope from Edelrid named Taurus.

Nitinol rods have been used in the leading edge for extra weight saving, best robustness allowing super compact folding, and optimized sail tension.

And This Superlight mix of material offers maximum lightness, durability and function.

Technical Specifications & Colours

The Soar is simply for every pilot who wants a very light high performance EN-B wing, especially for mountaineers and travelers: great handling and gliding associated with compact packing. With the Soar you get a really comfortable wing, light as a feather.

Did you know…?

* 50-65kg is the standard payload, 65-72kg is an increased payload (both areas EN-B)

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Soar – #cloudhopper