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The Kool has been designed in collaboration with paragliding teachers.
The design has been optimized the use in school, but it will be perfectly adapted to make its first XC flights.
The rescue container is integrated inside the airbag, for an easy extraction and an optimum protection.
Regarding the protection, the Kool resumes(takes back) the principle of her big sister the Karma II with a complete airbag, shaped from the take-off thanks to a special shaping foam.
The Kool distinguishes itself on the other hand from the Karma II on the webbing belts. It consists of 2 separate belts for the legs, and one for the chest strap. The optimized position of these belts confers to the harness an excellent mobility on the take-off, and an increased comfort during the playground sessions.


  • Triplex seat board.
  • Small zipped pocket on top.
  • Storage pocket under the knees, helping the airbag pre-inflation.
  • Removable tarpaulin (color code / size), Durable and washable.
  • Radio holster integrated on the shoulder strap.
  • Simple settings.
  • Color code on the utomatic buckles, to make safer the attachment.
  • Protection on the main chest strap, to increase the comfort during the take-off and the playground.
  • Unique system of legs straps, making easier the take-off run, and the intense playground.


  • Complete airbag.
  • Pre-inflating foam.
  • Rear rescue pocket, inside the airbag. Handle on right side.
  • Rescue handle : directional and removable, to avoid any inconvenient exit when playing on the ground.
  • Standing-seated passage making easier in the take-off, thanks to an optimised positioning of the legs straps.

Installation and Adjustment

Reserve parachute installation and adjustment: see technical support.


4 sizes are available:

Less than 162cm, size XS
from 160cm to 171cm, size S
from 170cm to 185cm, size M
from 180cm to 190cm, size L

Harness weights

  • Size XS : 3.4kg
  • Size S : 3.5kg
  • Size M : 3.7kg
  • Size L : 4.0kg


The Kool is delivered with :

  • Rescue handle.
  • Integrated reserve parachute risers
  • Automatic carabiners


  • 2 step speed bar.
  • Foot stirrup: Adjustable in flight, helps improve turn efficiency.
  • Kockpit instrument holder


EN 1651 & LTF