EN-D Sitta


The Ultralight Glider

Sitta is our ultra-light hike & fly glider, that not only will just be a loyal companion on many of your mountain hikings, it will also enrich your mountain flights in every way.



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Who it’s for:

Climbers, mountaineers and just regular pilots who enjoy hike and fly, or simply want a very safe but fun wing, which is light and has a very small packing volume. They all will love flying Sitta.

The Characteristics

Born out of our Aquila, Sitta inherits the unique thermal profile providing great thermalling abilities even on the smallest sizes and combines it with a very small packing volume and weight. The simple line plan and feather light canopy makes the take-off very easy even in the most difficult places. Sitta doesn’t overshoot in strong winds and it´s very compact and stable in the air.

The handling is extremely precise and playful and can suit a wide range of pilots no matter whether they just want a calm flight over the valley or if they want to play through the thermals with wingovers and loops.

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