EN-B Instinct TE


In touch with nature

The Instinct TE is our intermediate glider concept.
Designed for a wide range of use, dedicated for pilots who want to expand their flying experience.



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Who It’s for:

Since it performs at a very high level, but is also very pleasant and well-behaving at the same time, the Instinct TE is the perfect glider for all pilots who want to feel comfortable in the air.
It loves going on distance, is your companion while soaring for hours or for flying from the house mountain – The Instinct TE is your buddy!

The Characteristics

You can feel the small weight immediately at the takeoff: The glider rises easy and soft by itself. Even inexperienced pilots will feel more safety and calmness at the start compared to its predecessor.

The handling was developed to be more precise, the turning behaviour in the thermals rounder and the agility is even better. The Instinct TE helps to feel safe in thermals because it communicates without overreacting.

The Instinct TE is a well-balanced, good-natured and high performant thermal glider in the fair-minded middle range of EN-B. We furthermore increased the top speed to make a better pene-tration into wind, also the crossing of a valley is much easier now.

The Instinct TE is a hybrid 3-liner concept, which results in significant drag reduction and increased performance and glide ratio.

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