EN-A Pica


The right start

The Pica is our new EN-A glider.
Developed to accompany you at your start into the amazing world of paragliding. Easy takeoffs and great safety is what will lift you up in the sky.



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Who It’s for:

Pica was developed for all those who want to start paragliding in the easiest, safest and most fun way possible. With it’s great thermalling ability and performance, the Pica allows you to enjoy, learn and develop your flying far beyond the paragliding school.

The Characteristics

The takeoff with the Pica is extremely easy and predictable. The glider rises up almost by itself and is very unsusceptible to pilot mistakes with no tendency to overshoot. Once in the air, the Picas compactness and handling will make you feel like you would fly a wing of a higher class, but still with the benefit of the highest passive safety within our product range.

Pica is a great climber too: Being very stable above your head it enters the thermals with no pitch back, helping you to get a precise feeling about the thermal. Its wide speed range makes the glider super easy and soft even in no wind landings.
The specific line configuration allows big ears with the Pica to be very effective, stable and with a big descent rate.

Being a hybrid 3-liner with only two main lines per side, gives the glider a very minimalistic line geometry. This doesn’t just makes it clearer and easier at the takeoff, but also benefits the performance in the air a lot. The carefully coloured and marked risers help you to to always keep an overview both at the takeoff as well as in the air.

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