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AIRDESIGN teki sen mistä muut valmistajat vain haaveili. Ensimmäinen C-luokan 2-linjainen. Sensaatiomaista suorituskykyä sporttiluokkaan!

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Volt 4 – #speedmachine

Archie was tense. His hands were sweaty, and his tie was too tight. He could feel the electricity in the air while staring at the door in front of him.

Being recruited by Stellar Cooper Advertising, New York’s biggest advertising agency, was an opportunity as unexpected as it was providential. He was convinced that his thirteen years of teleshopping on the local Wisconsin channel had been a big plus on his resume.
The door opened, he took a deep breath and entered. He recognized the famous designer by his mustache and the agency manager by his resemblance to John Hamm.
It was his moment. So, he started:
“You lack some fresh air? Wanna escape? Do you feel the need for performance? Let’s be honest, you fear that you will no longer be respected on your own local hill; you wanna be the one they are all lookin at, but you don’t want to buy a Submarine for that.”

He paused then resumed his speech with a funny glint in his eyes:
“At AirDesign, we got the solution that will make all the pilots in your club jealous. The new Volt is the fourth of its name but the first of its kind. It’s more beautiful, more streamlined and more performant than ever. And why is that? Because it’s a 2-liner! For the first time in history, you will benefit from the passive safety guaranteed by the EN-C certification and at the same time the almighty pleasure of flying a 2-liner!”
Archie was totally ecstatic and had to catch his breath. He remembered all these years spent selling coffee machines and

professional vegetable cutters and all the enthusiasm he had to put into it. However, this time was different, he really was enthusiastic. The young publicist was about to start again but he was interrupted by the boss.
-Thank you, Archie, we will call you back.
The designer waited for him to leave the room then turned to the agency manager:
-Man! Are you mad? Isn’t it a bit too much?
-Sir, for the first EN-C 2-liner on the market, you need to give it all!

Volt 4 – electrifying performance

  • Beginner0%0%
  • Advanced pilots100%100%
  • Expert100%100%
  • Competitions80%80%
  • Hike&Fly80%80%
  • XC100%100%

How to describe the Volt 4…

…in one word?

…in one image?
The power you feel when witnessing a thunderstorm.

…in one dream?
Flying with a 2-liner is not a dream anymore! Go for it!

Designer’s words…
“For every AD wing, we use a claim and a hashtag. For the Volt 4, we chose to stick to Electrifying performance and #speedmachine because it suits this fourth generation so well! It took us several years of development to finally design a package that fulfills our own requirements within the EN-C category. It’s not only the allowance to use folding lines in the EN-C-Class that made it possible to certify the Volt 4 in that category – there is much more than this to make a good EN-C glider. We are rather looking at the pilot demands and then trying to make the glider following them. Fulfilling the norm is just the final act.”

Stephan Stiegler


Did you know?

Construction & Features

– Double coated Skytex, doubled seams and etching tape on edges: robustness is the key
– Unsheathed but color-coded lines (Aramid, Edelrid 8000U)
– 3.7mm Edelrid Taurus Dyneema risers
– Full chord Nitinol rods not only saving weight and increasing robustness, but also allowing a super compact folding
– Seamless razor edge trailing edge: all seams are internal for a cleaner surface

Technical Specifications & Colors

The Volt 4 is certified EN-C and is aimed at the same type of pilots as its predecessors, with a major innovation: it’s a two-liner construction!

Did you know?
Area | Flat (m2) 20,05 21,50 22,94 24,68 26,42
Area | Projected (m2) 17,17 18,41 19,65 21,14 22,64
Span | Flat (m) 11,42 11,82 12,21 12,67 13,11
Span | Projected (m) 9,31 9,64 9,96 10,33 10,68
Aspect ratio | Flat 6,5 6,5 6,5 6,5 6,5
Aspect ration | Projected 5,04 5,04 5,04 5,04 5,04
Cells 57
Total line Length 209 216 221 230 238
Weight (kg) 3,26 3,51 3,74 4,02 4,31
Start weight (kg) 60-73 70-82 80-92 88-103 99-115
EN Category * * EN-C * *

* Certification in progress

The colors presented in the pictures and in the movie are not definitive. Here are the final color schemes:

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